School Rules & Regulations

Rules for Students

Be Regular and punctual in attendance.

Be smart in your prescribed uniform.

Keep your uniform and books neat and tidy.

Be systematic and methodical in your work. Use the diary to work down all you have to do with reference to your studies.

Regard the school property as your own and save it from any damage.

Do not spoil the walls of the school with scribbling.

Do not tear pages / sheets from your notebooks. Do not throw them in the classroom or its surroundings. Pick up all the paper bits lying in the classroom, veranda, and ground and put them in the waste paper basket / dust bin.

While having your food during the recess have a paper or towel underneath the carrier and eat without spilling the contents

Always give a helping hand to your classmates

Respect your teachers, parents, and elders

Take interest in games and sports and other co-curricular activities.

Use the toilets properly.

Guidelines for Parents / Guardians

Parents / Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline and regularly at home. if parents do not insist on regular attendance and home study, the results in the examination are sure to be disappointing.

Parents / Guardians are recommended to visit the Principal's office at least once a month to enquire about and conduct, progress, and attendance of their children.

Parents / Guardians are expected to scrutinize the progress report issued periodically to their children and take necessary remedial measures.

Parents / Guardians (or other persons) are not allowed to see their children or their teacher during school hours without the Principal's permission.

With the co-operation of the parents and guardians, the school authorities hope to shape the child into an honest, sincere, hard-working and god-loving citizen of India.

The homework / assignment diary must be signed by parent / guardian every day, failing which the child will be sent home.

Give a helping hand to the teachers in moulding the personality of your child.

Help the child to be regular and systematic in his/her work.

Help the child to keep his/her dress, books and notebooks clean and tidy.

Do not take your children on long leave during school days.

Van Rules.

Van Facility will be provided only on to and fro basis. Once the van facility is availed, it should be continued till the end of the academic year.

Parents must inform the school whenever there is a change in their address. Students Must Carry Buss Pass Daily, Without Pass Students are not allowed to board the bus.

Discipline Rules.

Irregular Attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework / assignment, disobedience and disrespect towards teachers and members of the staff, and other reprehensible behavior may entail dismissal from the school.

Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both within and outside the school premises.

Promotion Rules.

Promotion will depend on the general progress during the year and not merely in the result of the Annual Examination.

To be promoted, the pupil should secure at least 40% of marks in all subjects.

Parents Teacher Meetings

Parent – Teacher meetings are arranged on a regular basis every year and are mutually beneficial. We encourage ongoing dialogue and involvement with every parent for their feedback and honest appraisals. We welcome and await your questions, comments and options.

The Dates of these meetings are clearly indicated in the respective planners.

Behaviour Management

If the behavior pattern of a child is unsatisfactory and continues to aggravate and is deemed serious, a written note briefing the parent is sent home. This note includes the HM/Principal’s Signature and space for parents’ comments and signatures.

We expect our students to exhibit exemplary behavior and conduct as they are the brand ambassadors not only of the schools but also their families. We feel the oil that keeps the machine of life running smoothly.

Therefore we inculcate proper behavior by example and precept.

School Routines / Attendance

Regular Attendance and punctuality are very important to a child’s progress. Therefore, we expect that your private programs / celebrations, Visits etc… and be chalked out in such a way that, they in no way, interfere with school activities and routines.